A Ray Of Hope for Single Women Of India

Around 20,000 single and labour women, travelled all the way to Delhi to attend the Pension Convention, spending out of their own pockets. They had a simple demand. ie. upgrade their minimum wages to Rs. 3000, from Rs. 600 as per policy provisions for single women (unemployed, hard working, disabled, widow etc). On 30th September and 1st October, a National Pension Convention was held by organisations from 12 different states. 100 women from Single Women’s Organisation participated in this Convention.

A rally was organised from Sansad Bhavan to Jantar Mantar. These women representatives spoke about the current condition of pension schemes in place for single women of our country. Chitra Patil from Single Women’s organisation voiced her opinions in that convention. On the 2nd day as well, everyone gathered at the same place. Leaders from different political parties were invited for the same and they presented their’s parties stance on the pension scheme for women.

The reason why the whole convention was unique because alot of participants from Single Women’s Organisation travelled by railway for the very first time. Many others had not even stepped out of Beed. In such a scenario, to travel all the way to Delhi is definitely a huge deal. Energy level and exposure of this event was marvelous. ‘We interacted with a number of people. I had not even dreamt of coming here and being touristic. I had only heard of a place called ‘Delhi’ from my children. They would always tell me that Delhi is India’s capital. Never had I imagined that one day I will be roaming around on the streets of Delhi. Oh yes, I also boarded the underground metro. Such a fascinating invention!’, said Nita Dorsagwi.

Representatives from Single Women’s Organisation took out some time to do some sighting seeing at Taj Mahal. They kept introspecting how to strengthen Single Women’s Organisation further.

Single Women’s Organisation is a part of National Single Women’s Platform. On 26th and 27th November, they will be organizing a meeting which be attended by 10 General body members. Three of which belong to Single Women’s Organisation.