A Simple Act Of Gratitude Goes A Long Way

Last four months of lockdown have been traumatizing and filled with uncertainty for everyone. Some of us have the comfort of working from home, getting regular meals to survive, and having enough to sustain days ahead. But, there have been some very unfortunate people marginalised by inequalities of the society for years, who lost their jobs in this pandemic doubling their vulnerability. Everything looked grim; sustaining themselves and feeding the family was their biggest concern. Many NGOs and other organisations have stepped forward in lend their support to the most affected, by the pandemic.

CORO’s Covid-19 relief mission started in the last week of March with two objectives - Deliver food and other essential items to the “Unreached” people of Maharashtra and Rajasthan, Set up village level support systems to help them deal with the crisis in a self sufficient manner. In the following months, our aid reaching those who subsist on daily wage labour, landless agricultural labourers, migrant workers, beggars, vendors in trains and streets, workers in the informal sector including domestic help and single women. Our teams also identified transgender people, the differently-abled, seniors, children, and tribal communities, as those rendered most vulnerable by the lockdown.

Our partner organisation Gramin Vikas Kendra (GVK) has been working for the most marginalised communities, such as Bhatke, Vimukat, Pardhi, Bhil, Vanjari, Vadar etc, in

North Mahrashtra. Through our relief mission, we distributed food kits to over 600 individuals in this region, supported by our funding partner Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.

CORO was the first organisation to help these 600 individuals, who were not even allowed in the villages for being marginalized and didn’t own ration cards.

These families were touched by CORO’s gestures and support. They decided to convey their sincere thanks/ gratitude by sending us personalised postcards. To do so, they seeked help from the leaders of GVK, took CORO’s office address and asked them to prepare a template for the message.

The postcards are filled touching messages from these families, expressing their gratitude for disturbing enough food kits for 30 days. Those who couldn’t write, took help from the GVK leaders or their grand children or their neighbours.


This genuine gesture by our communities has made us happy beyond words. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that we could share a bond which goes beyond a beneficiary relationship. Such incidents make sure that our relations with the communities blossom. We cannot thank our partner Arun Jadhav of GVK enough for making this happen.