Child Rights Training Conducted By A School Boy In Dhakephal

When children themselves facilitate the importance of child rights to elders, our mission of sensitizing people almost seems accomplished, right? Yes, we were able to be a part of one such program conducted by a 12 year old, in Dhakephal village. Javed Sayyed, a school boy from 6th grade did everything he could to organize an event and emphaise on the adverse consequences of child labour.

Javed Sayyed belongs to Dhakefal village; the one who leads our children’s group in the village. The training of child rights for Javed and Payal from this village was done for three days. They were present for the Kej training as well for three days. Javed’s response to the three-day workshop was very good, he was different from other boys because when the children’s film was showed, he pointed out that as long as the child labor of our country does not stop, you can not say that our country has become independent. Javed did not stay in the training on the first day, when his teachers came to visit, he went with them. In our training, it was decided that children should go to their village after this and discuss the child labour topic with their village panchayat and VCPC. The other option was to present the topic through a cultural performance, to be organised during Navratri festival.

During Navratri festival, Durga Goddess idol was brought in the village. Javed decided to take advantage of this, he met the youth of the village and informed about the program and said that we have to take such a program. Over this, the youth members of the village told them that you can take the program in the stage free but they can not give you a speaker. After that, Javed and other children arranged for the speaker by meeting the youth of the village and taking donation from them. After taking a lot of efforts for arranging this program, he finally tasted some success. Javed organised the program in this cultural program, where he told the stories of child rights and training, where his school principal and teachers were also present.

Imagine if all our children began to take such initiatives like Javed did! Truly amazing.

We believe that gender disparity manifests into denial of opportunities in all facets of life – from mobility to access to education and employment. Thus, in our Gender Education program, address attitudes and behaviours in schools before they are fully formed because