Livelihood Opportunity For Single Women From Marathwada, In The Lockdown

CORO has been working on the issues of single women in Marathwada since 2015. Ekal Mahila Sanghatana, an organization consisting of more than 16,000 women out of which around 70% are single women is shaped out due to the concentrated efforts of CORO for the past 5 years. On the backdrop of Covid-19, lockdown is introduced throughout the country and our women have been so affected as they are sole earners in their families and do not have any social security. In the lockdown situation, they do not have any source of income hence they are struggling a lot to meet the needs of their families. Their families are completely dependent on whatever these women earn every day. CORO through its relief work have supported some of the single women in Marathwada in terms of providing necessary grocery and essentials. Still there are many women who are worried about getting some income in and after lockdown.

Some of our women have taken this as an opportunity to get some income and at the same time they have indirectly supported the people in taking precautionary measures in the pandemic situation. Our leader Kanta Shinde from Osmabanad realized the increasing demand of the masks and she helped four women to receive orders for creating 4500 masks. Every day these women created around 500 masks to fulfill the order and then they received the labour charges of Rs. 30 per dozen masks. They also made women aware about using the masks and other safety measures. In Ambajogai block of Beed, our leader Prajavati created 70 masks and sold at Rs. 10 each to women who were not able to afford expensive masks. There was demand for more masks but she was unable to complete it due to unavailability of transportation facilities to purchase required cloth. Another women leader Sonali Patil from Dhanora village received an order from Grampanchayat to create masks from 40 meter cloth so she took 3 women with her and prepared a total of 950 masks. Total 4 Grampanchayats bought all the masks at Rs. 10 for each. In Babhalgaon of Tulajapur block, 2 of our women members created 480 masks and sold them to Gram Panchayat at Rs. 18 per unit. These women are members of SHGs supported under MSRLM and also they work as tailors. More need was there but they could not fulfil the demand due to shortage of cloth. Also our leader Meena Tompe from Chakur block of Latur district created around 200 masks and distributed them to poor women for free of cost. While distributing relief material, she had prepared a mask for herself but then she realised that many women cannot afford it due to higher cost. So she decided to prepare and distribute to these women. In total our women have been able to create 6200 masks in the period.

They have received some income and also helped others to be safe in the pandemic situation. They are ready to create more masks if they get orders but they are facing a problem of shortage of material like cloth. They shared that while creating the masks, their mind was involved completely which reduced their anxiety in the pandemic situation.