Upcoming Workshop on Collaborative Knowledge Creation (26-28 Feb. 2018)

PLEASE NOTE: We are extending the deadline for submission of abstracts and notes to February 4th, 2018. To participate, you must submit a brief note related to the workshop themes to tissllworkshop@gmail.com

CORO & Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai announce a 3-day collaborative workshop:

“Collaborative Knowledge Creation: Interrogating Processes and Patterns”

Bringing together practitioners from across the academic, social, and cultural sectors, this workshop aims to investigate participatory and community-led grassroots knowledge production that flips the script on exclusive, hierarchical forms of institution-led research. A transformative experience itself, the workshop seeks to create an ecosystem of allies and grassroots agents across India to pioneer the people’s right to collective knowledge building. It will be held from 26th to 28th February 2018 at the TISS Mumbai campus.

To that end, we are calling for 500-word abstracts to be submitted by EXTENDED DEADLINE: 4th February

The abstracts can speak to any of the following themes, which are elaborated in greater detail in the concept note (linked here):

  • Interrogating the Knowledge Building Process
  • Critical Convergence of Grassroots and Higher Education through Research
  • Pathway for Advocacy and Empowerment

How to Attend:

  1. Read the concept note (linked here)
  2. Fill in the participation form (linked here)
  3. Send your abstracts to tissllworkshop@gmail.com byJanuary 31st

Authors of selected abstracts will receive an opportunity to present at the workshop. Boarding and lodging arrangements during the workshop will be provided by the organisers. Limited funding to cover transport expenses is also available.