Reflections & Way Forward

Concluding Activity

Dr. Alexander Schieffer (TRANS4M) led the concluding participatory reflection session. All the participants formed pairs up to exchange their learnings and experiences from the past two days. Then, each participant shared one insight and one challenge the workshop presented with the entire group. The workshop thus concluded by harvesting the fruits of the past two days. A prominent reflection that emerged in this avtivity concerned language and equality: with participants feeling that while language remained a challenge as rapid on-the-spot translations were required in Marathi, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, as well as tribal dialects, yet this was an environment where everyone felt equally encouraged to speak and share.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Prof. Lingam, Prof. Schieffer, and Sujata Khandekar wrapped-up the workshop with concluding thoughts. They noted that the workshop had already been successful in its primary aim:

Creating an ecosystem of allies and grassroots agents across India to pioneer collective knowledge creation and initiate, enact and sustain societal transformation from the grassroots.