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Our Quest Fellowship programme empowers grassroots leaders in some of the world’s most marginalised communities to step up with courage and transform the world around them. We can only do this with the generous financial and in-kind support of individuals, foundations and companies. You can either sponsor one Fellow or several. Either way, the impact will be multiplied exponentially – changing the lives and livelihoods of thousands.

We also require unrestricted support to simply run our organisation – ensuring that we have the right people and systems in place to meet the needs of those that rely on us.

Join our network of grassroots activists

With more than 25 years of experience combatting violence against women, caste based atrocities and the social exclusion of tribal communities, we know the issues and, more importantly, how to leverage influence on policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders to affect change. We have led and facilitated large scale change by working with local Panchayats, regional networks and others key to confronting injustice. For the Right to Pee campaign that advocates for access to free, safe and clean toilets, we united hundreds of women’s organisations to successfully lobby for new public toilet construction in Mumbai, among other critical legislation. Join our community of grassroots organisations to campaign on vital social causes such as adequate sanitation or forest rights, to name a few.

Be a Fellowship host organisation

Our Quest Fellowship programme relies on innovative and impactful organisations taking a leadership journey with us to affect lasting solutions to the complex problem of poverty and caste based discrimination. As a partner organisation, you will not only benefit from organisational capacity development, you will join a vibrant and active network that meets regularly at the regional level, focussed on programme quality and impact.