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Empowering grassroots leaders to tackle tough issues in their own communities and beyond.

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We believe that investing in grassroots leadership is key in tackling complex, long-standing issues in local communities. We recruit, train, and support emerging leaders to take action and mobilise others.

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Marginalised people


Ethnic or religious minorities


Below high school level education

What we do

We mobilise and inspire local people and concerned authorities to ​stand for equality and justice in gender-related issues.

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We work to address violence against women and girls, help women to step up to leadership roles in their communities and local government, and empower women economically through the formation of self-help groups and entrepreneurial initiatives.

We help rural communities to gain access to crucial land and forest rights, thereby enabling them to create sustainable livelihoods. We also work on water and other natural resources conservation projects.

We empower those who are most marginalised by India’s caste system to claim their rights. We work to address the legacy of caste-based atrocities. And we stand up for the rights of disabled people and workers in the informal economy.

Much of our work is about helping individuals and communities exercise legal rights – for example, the right to food and the right to education – that are not currently being fully implemented by the relevant authorities.

We work with young people on issues to do with sexuality, health, hygiene and sanitation. We also work with schools to ensure gender equality is properly addressed in the classroom for children in their early adolescence.

We offer a range of skills development opportunities for young people, women, tribal and Dalit communities, enabling them to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and those around them.


Since 2008 we have trained and developed 900 grassroots leaders who have reached an estimated 1.6 million people.


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