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  • Blog CORO India | Women Empowerment | Leadership | Best NGO in India for women issues |Gender inequality | Women Rights


    Communities and Police Forces – A shared bond for a safe and violence-free society

    My dreams of becoming a PSI shattered. Some years later, a day before the final exam of 12th standard, I went into labour and gave birth to my daughter - Laxmi Waghmare

    My life always consisted of struggles, which I face even today but I have risen from the ashes and continue to fight every day - Shahjahan Mirza

    Gender Equality Begins At Home

    Thank You For Your Support Towards Covid-19 Relief Work

    “Who other than us will solve our own issues……”

    We the women, are going together!

    ग्रासरुट्स नेतृत्वाचे व्यवस्थापन प्रकिया

    Building Single Women’s Leadership In Nandurbar

    Recognizing The Efforts Of Our Extraordinary Women

    Children -led Research - An Interesting Initiative by CORO

    State-Level Networking And Advocacy Initiative On Single Women Issues

    And, The Bus Was Back In The Village…..

    Mobilising People With Constitutional Values - Shalutai Tripude

    In Loving Memory Of…

    Key Timeline Of India’s Constitutional Process

    A Story Of Lawari Gram Sabha

    Humari bhi suno na…

    Problems are not stop sign; they are guidelines

    Margalwadi Village Came Together To Fight Water Crisis

    She Overcame Everything That Destroyed Her

    Why We Need Feminism?

    Single Women of India - Fighting for Respect; Fighting it All!

    The Sound of Silence: Yogesh is shattering the sound barrier for deaf kids across Maharashtra

    Pride not Prejudice: Monika’s family now takes pride in their lack of caste prejudice

    Her Born Identity: Dropadi reclaimed her identity on paper & in real life

    Know-It-All About Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace Act!

    Forest Essentials: Narayanlal’s village was the first in Rajasthan to receive CFR because of his media outreach

    One More Shot Please! Durga went from hooch peddler to curbing drunkenness when she got a second shot at life

    Home Alone: Chitra took the radical decision to live alone as a single woman in her village

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