My life always consisted of struggles, which I face even today but I have risen from the ashes and continue to fight every day - Shahjahan Mirza

Gender Equality Begins At Home

Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals

A Simple Act Of Gratitude Goes A Long Way

Latest Updates From The Field!

Voices From The Grassroots Bringing Change

Direct Cash Transfer Initiative

Empowerment Through Livelihood, In Pandemic

From Superstitions To Super-Empowerment - A Story Of Solidarity

Facilitating a Sustainable Relief Mission through People’s Initiatives and Participation

Employment Guarantee Training Through Zoom Calls, in Marathwada

Facilitating Advocacy, With People’s Participation In The Lockdown

A Ray Of Hope, Amid The Pandemic

Thank You For Your Support Towards Covid-19 Relief Work

Community Toilet Assessment During Coronavirus Lockdown

Livelihood Opportunity For Single Women From Marathwada, In The Lockdown

CORO’s Rapid Response To Gender-Based Violence, During Coronavirus Lockdown

“Who other than us will solve our own issues……”

We the women, are going together!

ग्रासरुट्स नेतृत्वाचे व्यवस्थापन प्रकिया

Building Single Women’s Leadership In Nandurbar

Recognizing The Efforts Of Our Extraordinary Women

Children -led Research - An Interesting Initiative by CORO

State-Level Networking And Advocacy Initiative On Single Women Issues

And, The Bus Was Back In The Village…..

Mobilising People With Constitutional Values - Shalutai Tripude

In Loving Memory Of…

Key Timeline Of India’s Constitutional Process

A Story Of Lawari Gram Sabha

Humari bhi suno na…

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