Margalwadi Village Came Together To Fight Water Crisis

Valai is one of six villages selected by CORO, under the water management program, in Maan Taluka. To the west of the village, there is a suburban house with a house named Margalwadi. Various groups of youths, men and women have been formed through CORO’s intervention, to raise awareness and people’s initiative in the village of Valai, for water management program, and currently many meetings are ongoing with these groups, Through ACWADAM, the village was exposed to internet. As a result of the PPT being displayed on the big screen in the center area of the village, all villages started to work together. Desilting, CCT and DCCT, earthenware with the help of the Government and CORO was established.

Margalwadi is home to Dhangar community and at least one or two men in every household is out of the village, for employment purposes. And the family is completely dependent on his earnings. A while back, the present sarpanch, ex sarpanch, who was indifferent to the issue of water in the village, had taken a meeting with some key personnel of the village Patil in Margalwadi but did not succeed.

Balasaheb, Bharati and Sachin ie. CORO did home visits and made them understand the importance of entire village getting together; additionally also explained the adverse effects of water crisis. They explained to them about what would happen if they don’t work together to fight this crisis. Later on, youth from the village took the initiative and explained to them about hydromarker. He explained them concepts such as: What is the recharge area? What kind of rocks do we have? What is the advantage of measuring the water level of the well? All of this was explained to them. He urged people to discuss further and get consensus on working together. The village people felt the necessity of coming together as one village and fighting the water problem. And thus, began the volunteer work, with loud drums and immense excitement.

Dhodhiram Shigade, from Margalwadi, took initiative in this work and explained the importance of water to those who did not attend the meeting. If people come together to fight the water issue, start water conservation and work in the public interest, CORO will be more than happy to help them, support them in sourcing drinking water, in Margalwadi, which will further help solve the problem of drinking water permanently there.

The people who go out for employment purposes will need some support. This is exactly what was discussed in the meeting. For this reason, the work in Valai village was shown to people and it resulted in a positive way.

On 18th May 2019, at 8.30, Singhade Saheb, Supply Officer from Wadi, took the initiative with help from Anil Jankar, Uttam Narbat and Mira Jankaar. With great celebrations by around 50 women and men, volunteer program was started. Through this volunteer program, CCT, soil dam bridge was built. In this event, Sarpanch of Valai Bhaskar Kayel, Police Patil Dada Atpakar, Sopan Kaka, leader Bajrang Waghmare provided immense support and until further work is done, they will stay in close contact with people from Wadi. In this entire program. ‘Owning leadership themselves by the one facing the issue’ is very well visible around. It can also be seen that people are actively participating. And now, the only wait it of the rains.