State-Level Networking And Advocacy Initiative On Single Women Issues

Since 2015, we have been working in Marathwada on issues of single women and it was strongly realized that our work in isolation will not solve the purpose. Hence we have been constantly trying to be a part of various networks such as Makaam, National forum for single women rights, Jan Arogya Abhiyan etc. It was also realized that there was no such network of organizations working on single women issue in Maharashtra. To fulfill this gap, we had conducted primary meeting last year and after that some of the organizations working on single women issues were identified in different regions of Maharashtra and were connected through fellowship program.

Recently we had organized meeting of COROs partner organizations working primarily on Single women issues at Aurangabad. Total 14 organizations from Vidarbha, Western Maharashtra, Konkan, North Maharashtra and Marathwada participated in the meeting. A state level network of organizations working on single women issue was formed as a result of the meeting and it was named as ‘Maharashtra Ekal Mahila Adhikar Parishad’. It was discussed that all partner organizations need to work together to influence state level government on single women issues. It was discussed that if we could get all single women registered at village level then we can put further demands strongly hence registration of single women at village level is crucial as the beginning step. Detailed plan for three months was made in which the first step was to approach local self governance to get resolutions passed in upcoming 26 Jan. Gram Sabha for registration of single women at Gram Panchayat level. After passing village level resolutions, it is planned to approach higher authorities and concerned ministries to pass such resolution at state level so all single women from the state can be benefited. This will also help in recognising collective power that can be exercised to solve bigger issues.

As part of this networking and advocacy issue, submitting applications to CEO, Collector at District, BDO at block level and Gramsevak and Sarpanch at Village level is being carried out. I have attached some of the photographs, copies of applications and news cuttings of submitting applications for your reference. So far applications have been given to following places.

District level: CEO and Collector of Sindhudurg, Osmanabad and Latur district, Deputy collector at Ambajogai (Beed) district.

Block level: BDO of Karjat (Raigad), Kanakavali (Sindhudurga), Ambajogai (Beed), Paranda (Osmanabad), Chandur Railway (Amaravati), Arjuni Morgaon (Gondiya), Dewani, Jalkot and Udgir (Latur), Beed block (Beed), Khanapur (Sangali), Kaij (Beed).

Looking forward to the collaboration!