Thank You For Your Support Towards Covid-19 Relief Work

A shout-out to each and everyone for extending your support to us, in reaching the most affected people, due to Corona virus lockdown. Thank you so much to all of you who have donated for Covid-19 relief work. In a pandemic’s dark days, only solidarity and hope can help us get through this difficult time.

Here is a list of our generous donors

  1. Actis
  2. Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd

  3. Ashim Ahuja
  4. Avni Bharat Shah
  5. Axis Bank Foundation
  6. Balaji Srinivasan
  7. Basant Radhakisan Agarwal
  8. Candice Midde
  9. Dushyant Asher
  10. Edelgive
  11. Fiona Dias Miranda
  12. Godon Pierre Rodrigues
  13. H T Parekh - DC
  14. Donation From Kunal K Shroff
  15. Luis Miranda
  16. Mamta Chhabra
  17. Milap Social Ventures India Pvt Ltd
  18. Mukul Chandorkar
  19. Natasha Alpaiwalla
  20. Neeraj Chandra
  21. Purvaj Advisors PVt Ltd
  22. Rajesh Gilda
  23. Raj Mohan Seshamani
  24. SBI Foundation
  25. Sketches Etches
  26. Soma Bhattacharya
  27. Sonia Maria
  28. Trafigura Charitable Trust
  29. Vivek Kapileshwar Dayal
  30. Waterfield Fin & Investment Advisors
  31. Anuradha Bajaj
  32. Arjun Khullar
  33. Julia Maria
  34. Kora Management
  35. R P Sachdeo Trust
  36. Walter Hubert Rau
  37. Veena Nayyar
  38. Vispi Homi Unwala

CORO began its relief work in response to the COVID-19 lockdown with an immediate objective to give aid to unreached populations in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Food aid was delivered to daily wage labourers, single women, migrant workers, and marginalised communities, and differently-abled, in rural and urban areas.